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Assisting individuals with personal growth and encouragement to Change. Giving a blueprint on paving a new path for reaching personal goals and aspirations in life, along with becoming Free from Self Bondage…


 Vance Guy is our Program Director and leading motivational force that inspires those that become a part of this journey of Change.


DBATC is led by not only educational and life experience, but also over a decade in the field of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counseling work. Vance is certified through (CADPT#5326)

DBATC stands apart by its deep industry knowledge, decades of experience, new innovations (The Power of RE), and no holding back approach.

With our inspiring and uplifting results, you will be pleased with the guidance and services we provide. Don’t Be Afraid to Change Consulting and Personal Development team is knowledgeable in many different facets of coping and life skills and will guide you with ease as you unravel the challenge areas of your personal and professional life.

Our goal will always be to assist by supplying you with the tools and encouragement and empowerment necessary for you in reaching the full potential of your personal growth.

With our continued goal to improve your journey, we will offer services in personal growth, personal development, and business consulting.

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